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15 October 2010 @ 11:18 pm
[FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 5)  

Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love
Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

Summary: One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!



Seeing his friend smirking, Changmin knew instantly who was it on the phone. It was only yesterday when they proposed the deal to Jaejoong. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and here he was calling to probably agreeing to Junsu’s deal.


“I guess he agrees to the deal then.” Changmin said, the moment Junsu hang up the phone.

“OH, yeah” Junsu laughed. “I knew he would agree. I just don’t understand why he didn’t just say yes in the first place. It could save him the phone bill.”

Changmin nodded, agreeing with his best friend. “True. It hasn’t even been a full day. He probably couldn’t wait to let his brother goes out with you.”

“And I’m going to make sure he regret ever agreeing to let his brother goes out with me” Junsu sneered, at how easy it was to convince Jaejoong to let him goes out with Yoochun.

“So when are you meeting him?”

“I’m meeting them tonight, at their restaurant”

“Want me to go with you?”

“Nah….I got this” Junsu assured. “I need to make him fall for me fast before I start doing anything else.”

“By the way, did Jaejoong ever mention the fact that Yoochun is mute to you” Changmin asked, curiously.

Junsu gave it a thought, and a smile broke out across his face. “Now that I thought about it, nope, he didn’t.”

“Well that is just perfect” Changmin concluded, grinning mischievously.

“How is it perfect?”

“You want Yoochun to fall for fast and hard right?”

“Yes” Junsu said, looking at his best friend skeptically.

“I’m sure that ever since he became mute, it wasn’t easy for him to meet new people especially dating people.” Changmin voiced out his thought. “So if you extra nice and caring toward him, then that could gain you a solid trust from him.”

Junsu gave Changmin’s idea a thought. A smile broke across his face as the idea sank into his brain. “Once I earn that thrust, I could easily hurt him. The hurt will be twice as hurt since he trust me completely.”

“That’s right!” Changmin agreed, sharing a high five with his best friend.

“Nice, Minnie”

Changmin chuckled. “He had no idea what the hell has he gotten himself into”

“It’s his damn fault for not being careful in the first place”




“Chunnie!” Jaejoong yelled. “Come out already. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“I still can believe Yoochun agreed to this” Yunho grumbled, loud enough for his boyfriend to hear.

Jaejoong turned and face his pouting boyfriend and chuckled. Sometimes he wondered if Yunho was Yoochun’s real older brother instead of himself. The younger man could be very protective of Yoochun. “Yunnie, he wants to do something for us. I don’t completely agree with him, but I understand how he feels. So let him do this for us, OK?”

“I guess”

Jaejoong leaned in to give his boyfriend a kiss, mumbling “Thank you, Yunnie.”

Yunho nodded, sighing in defeated. He knew that Yoochun had insisted on doing this for the sake of their business, but he had a bad feeling about this. He never told Jaejoong this, but he just didn’t trust Kim Junsu.

“Chunnie!” Jaejoong shouted to his younger brother once again.

‘I’m here. I’m here.’

“It’s about time, bunny. Junsu will be here any minutes” Jaejoong said, looking his brother up and down. “You look great by the way.”

‘Thanks, hyung’

“Are you sure you don’t want us to stay with you?” Yunho asked, concern written all over his face.

‘I’ll be fine, hyung’

“Be careful OK? I just…I don’t really trust him” Yunho admitted, pulling Yoochun into a tight hugs.

‘I know I will’


Jaejoong and Yunho was about to fuss over the younger man once again, but was interrupt when a light knocking on their restaurant’s door brought their attention to the one and only Kim Junsu, who was waving at them with a small smile on his face.


Yunho made a face and mumbling, “Here come Mr. High and Almighty.”

Yoochun brought a hand to his mouth, covering his smile, while Jaejoong shot his boyfriend a glare, telling him to shut it before he went and let Junsu into their restaurant.

Yoochun tapped Yunho on his arm to get the older man attention. ‘Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. You and Jae-hyung go and have a fun night of your own.’

‘I’ll try’ Yunho signed back, not wanting Junsu to know what they were talking about.


“Chunnie” Jaejoong said, getting the attention of his younger brother. “Junsu, this is my younger brother, Yoochun.”

“Nice to meet you Yoochun-shii” Junsu greeted, with a force smile.


He had to admitted, Park Yoochun was definitely stunning. He had pale white skin, his body was small and on the slim side compared to Jaejoong, but between the two brothers they both shared a different attraction. Jaejoong was muscular and a little bit taller than Yoochun. Yoochun had more of a warm aura while Jaejoong had a cold one. Junsu knew for a fact that ever since the accident, Yoochun wasn’t as easy in trusting people and letting new people into his life compare to before. 


If he wasn’t the one who was responsible for the death of his parents, then he would definitely pursued Yoochun. But the fact that Yoochun did caused his parents’ death made Junsu looked pass all the possibilities that Yoochun was anything, but what he wanted the younger man to be. He was only in this to revenge his parents’ death. Nothing more, nothing less.


Yoochun gave him a small smile in return. Junsu looked at Jaejoong in confusion as Yoochun refused to greet him back, pretending not to reveal the fact that he knew Yoochun was mute.

“Umm…” Junsu started, hoping that at least one person would catch on what he wanted them to do.

Yunho sensing the one thing they forgot to mention to Junsu, nudged his boyfriend in the rib, earning a yelp. “You didn’t tell him?” Yunho hissed in a low voice.

Jaejoong rubbed the sore spot and shrugged, “I forgot OK? It slipped my mind.”

“It slipped your mind! How could…” Yunho threw his hands up in frustration. How could it slipped his mind that Yoochun was mute. It wasn’t like they had just seen each other, they lived together for Christ’s sake.

“Would someone tell me what’s going on?” Junsu questioned, looking back and forth between the three men.

Yunho calmly took a deep breath, before turning to the still confused Junsu and apologized. “I’m sorry, Junsu-shii. I guess my idiot of a boyfriend here forgot to tell you something.” Jaejoong shrieked in protest at the comment, but immediately shut his mouth the moment he saw Yunho’s usual calm eyes throwing daggers at him.

“And what that might be?”

“Um….” Yunho fidgeting nervously under Junsu’s intense stare. Junsu smiled inwardly, gladded that he had the ability to make them nervous about the fact that they had never mention Yoochun being mute. Yoochun came up to his brother’s boyfriend, squeezing his arm lightly, in reassurance and comfort. “You see, Chunnie here can’t talk.”

“What do you mean, he can’t talk?”

Jaejoong stepped forward, volunteered to explain Yoochun’s condition. “He was involved in an accident a little over a year ago. It accident caused him to lose his chance of ever speaking again. He’s mute, Junsu.”

Junsu stood there speechless. He took a glanced at all three of them, and noticed the various emotions running through each of them. He could sense Jaejoong’s discomfort for not telling him when they first met that Yoochun was mute. Yunho looked unpleased at how Junsu was not saying anything, while Yoochun was fidgeting uncomfortably beside Yunho. Junsu could see a flash of hurt on the younger man face.


Yunho was boiling inside, he could very much sense the discomfort and the fear of rejection radiated from Yoochun. He swiftly gathered the younger man into his arm, but Yoochun pushed him away before signing something to Yunho. The older man reluctantly agreed.


“Junsu-shii” Yunho called.

“I’m sorry….”

Yunho interrupt before he could say anything further. “Yoochun have something to say to you.”

“OH, OK”

“He will sign and I will translate for you, OK?”

Junsu nodded, thinking this could be the chance to see if the sign languages he learnt would be any good.

‘Junsu-shii, I’m sorry that my brother forgot to tell you that I’m mute. I’m guessing that when you proposed this idea, you probably didn’t think that I would turn out to be mute, right? I know I’m not perfect as you can see, but please even if you decided not to go out with me anymore because of this disability I had. Please reconsider about our lease. This restaurant is everything to my brother and Yunho-hyung. If you want, I can do anything you want in exchange for the lease for this building and for us to keep our business running.’ Yoochun signed, while Yunho translated exactly word for word to Junsu.


 Half-way through, Yunho got chocked up, he knew that if Junsu refused to go out with Yoochun simply because he was mute, Yoochun would definitely be crushed. Not because he liked Junsu, but because it was yet another person who rejected him of his disability.


Junsu, himself; however, was impressed at himself at how much he was able to understand Yoochun’s signing that he barely listen to Yunho speaking.


“Let’s drop the honorific, shall we?” Junsu smiled. “I can’t say that I’m not surprised, but it didn’t make me to not want to go out with you. I would still very much love to go out with you, if you still have me of course.”

“You..you don’t mind” Jaejoong blurted out the obvious things that ran through all of their mind.

“No, I don’t.” Junsu admitted, lying straight through his perfectly white teeth. His hand extended out toward Yoochun, waiting for the younger man to grab a hold of it. “So what do you say Yoochun? Do you mind going out with me?”


Yoochun was shocked to say the least. Never once since he lost the ability to speak did anyone ever asked him out once they knew he couldn’t speak. He cast a glance toward his brother and Yunho. Yunho had somehow ended up in Jaejoong’s strong arms, snuggling comfortably into his chest, tears gathered in his eyes. They both nodded their head, telling Yoochun to go head and accept Junsu.


Yoochun reluctantly reached his hand out to Junsu’s extending one. Junsu’s hand was warm against his cold one. He let out a small smile, it was nice being able to have someone accepted him as who he was. A small tear escaped from his eye and rolled down his cheek. Junsu stepped forward and lovingly wiped the small tear away with his thumb.


“We haven’t even go out yet, and here I am making you cry” Junsu whispered. Yoochun shook his head, signing with his free hand. Junsu looked at Jaejoong eyebrow raised in question. “What did he say?”

“He said, it was a tear of joy. He’s just glad that you are willing to go out with him.”

Junsu nodded, “Shall we go?”


Yoochun nodded waving good bye to Jaejoong and Yunho as Junsu led him to his car. Jaejoong watched his younger brother walked off with a hint of relief and happiness for Yoochun. He was gladded that the Kim Junsu was willingly to accept Yoochun despite his ability to talk. Yunho, on the other hand, was still skeptical about Junsu.


“Joongie” Yunho whispered, turned around to face his boyfriend.

“Yes” Yunho gave out a long sigh, Jaejoong saw the hesitation in Yunho’s eyes and began to worry. “Yunnie? What’s wrong?”

“I’m…..I just worry about Chunnie”

“You don’t trust Junsu, do you?” Jaejoong said, knowing exactly what was going on in Yunho’s mind.

“No, I don’t. Am I that obvious?”

Jaejoong chuckled, seeing how adorable his boyfriend was being. “No, Yun-bear. I just know you so damn well, that’s all.”

Yunho made a face at his boyfriend, huffing playfully. “Smart ass”

Jaejoong smiled and winked, placing a quick kiss on Yunho’s pinkish lips. “Come on. Let’s get going on our date.”




Junsu took Yoochun to a small romantic Italian restaurant near the beach. The two enjoyed their delicious meals in a comfortable silence and short conversation via Junsu’s cell phone. Earlier when they arrived at the restaurant, Junsu has handed Yoochun his cell phone for him to use as a way they could communicate with one another, to which Yoochun accepted shyly. During their dinner, Junsu silently and carefully observed the younger man, studying him carefully. Being in the business circles for many years had taught him to be able to read people expression.


He wanted to know every feeling and emotions that the younger man was feeling. He wanted to have the upper hand in this well thought out plan of his. Even though Yoochun had no clue as to what Junsu was planning, Junsu still made sure to pay closer attention to the man sitting directly across from him. He wanted to use everything he can against Yoochun. He wanted Yoochun to hurt just as much as he did, possibly more.


After dinner Junsu took Yoochun for a walk on the beach. Since it was late into the night, the beach itself was pretty much secluded. The two continued to walk in silence, the sound of the waves crashing into shores could be heard softly in the background. The sky was clear allowing the moon to fully shine it ray of light down on the beach, causing the soft glow that reflected off the golden sand.


“Yoochun-ah” Junsu called out softly. “Let sit here, is that OK?”

Yoochun nodded, taking a seat next to Junsu. Pulling out Junsu’s cell phone, Yoochun began to type, showing it to the older man several seconds later.

‘Can I ask you something?’ Junsu read out loud from the screen of his cell phone.

“Sure, ask away”

‘Why do you want to go out with me?’

Junsu feigned surprised at reading Yoochun’s question, and lied straight through his teeth. “Why not? You’re beautiful and gorgeous. You attracted me since the first time I laid my eyes on you.”


Lies. Total lies. The first time he laid eyes on Yoochun was when he sneaked into Yoochun’s hospital room after the accident to take a glance at the very person who caused his parents to die. He could remember that day just like it was yesterday.




Looking around for the second time making sure that there wasn’t anyone else around, Changmin gave a signal to Junsu, telling to go head. Junsu pushed open the door and walked right into the eerie white hospital room. There locating in the middle of the room was the one person he hated the most, the person who caused him great pain. Machines surrounding the bed, the sounds whirling through the silent room, indicating that he were still alive, but barely.


Stepping closer, Junsu could not control the gasp and shocked that escaped his mouth and face. He was told earlier by Changmin that the other person who was in the accident was recovering in this hospital room. But Changmin had failed to mention that this man, the one who caused his parents death was stunningly beautiful. Despite his injuries and his frail figure, he was still very much good looking. He had pale creamy white skin, pinkish lips, and plump cheeks. He was tall and on the slim side, his feature was feminine yet masculine.


Junsu stood and silently observed him for several minutes. Under normal circumstances Junsu would ask the man out in a heartbeat, but not with how things were at the moment. The shocked that was displayed clearly on Junsu’s face had long morphed into those of hatred and disgusted. This was the man that was driving recklessly and had caused his parents to die. There was no way that he would fall for someone like him. He vowed right then and there that he would do everything in his power to make sure that this man suffered the same fate as him, if not more.


“Park Yoochun” Junsu spat out. “I will make your life a living hell. Mark my words.”


--End Flashback--

[Chapter 6]


A/N: OMG!!!!! I'm on clud nine right now....I just got back from JYJ Show Case in Bangkok, BB!!!!!!!! Let me just say that our three boys look very very handsome and their new songs are awesome.....I can't wait for it.......My Chunnie look so handsome and adorable as always, Junsu, oh my Sexy Su, what can I say that boy is getting sexier and sexier (having some hot kinky thought about our boy Su and those hip of his....LOL) and last but not least Jaejae, OMG i can't describe how much better he look in person and up close and personal (there was one moment where i was right in front of the stage and he was singing right in front of me....."i'm think i just might dies") All I can say is that JYJ and The Beginning will be BIG and very Successful, the work they put into this album is well worth it. Now, as royal cassies, big east, and fans, all we can do is believe in them and support them. Me, for what, truly believe in my heart that all 5 of them still held their friendship, their brotherhood, dear to their hearts, and as all of us know 5-1=0. Always Keep The Faith!!!! And keep waiting for as they will be The Rising Gods of the East, TVXQ, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki once again........

A/N2: Ont other news, since I'm in such a great mood, I have update, my dear readers......lol....anyway the plot is thicken and evil junsu is here so please beware....and please please....Comments.....all of your comments are greatly appreciate...Enjoy!!! and in other news if anyone is interest in adding me in facebook, please tell me in the comments or private message!!!!!

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I can't wait to see how Yoochun falls for Junsu (and how Junsu *hopefully* falls for Yoochun)
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first off thank you for taking the time to comment i really appreciate it
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On another note, I'm so happy for you to have seen them in Bangkok!! I saw them in NYC and OMG blew my mind away. Junsu was just...perfection. <3 And Yoochun...omg I fell so hard I didn't even know it was possible. In real life Yoochun is SOO precious....I'm so in loooveee ♥_♥ And Jae was of course beautiful. But my eyes were on Su and Chun. Heh. Mostly Su. xP
zoeybunnygalszoeybunnygals on November 29th, 2010 03:06 pm (UTC)
don't worry everything will be ok "I think lol" junsu will realize sooner or later that yoochun means a lot to him

on the showcase: OMG so you saw them in NYC....i know what you mean...i'm so proud of them and yoochun is just so damn adorable and handsom....YOochun is sooooo cute in person.....lol
wox: pic#105590343wox666 on November 29th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
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yes i have....."smile"

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Reyareya13 on December 24th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
oh, sweet little writer!
i missed the past chapter you wrote and with them also the fact that you went to the showcase
i only saw the pics from all around the world cause after all they didn't come to Europe, but even now reading about it made me feel so excited :P
sorry for spazzing first about it
i couldn't help it ^^'

as for this fic- love the way it developed
and i could see now that even lord changmin is on the bad side as he came with nasty ideas

(if i sound weird is because lately my poor english was influenced by Jane Austen's novels :P which i could finally find in english :D)

see you at the next chapter (preeeety soon kekeke)
zoeybunnygalszoeybunnygals on December 29th, 2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
lol...it's ok bb.....

i kind of wondering where have you been though.....kkk

yeah the showcase was fun, and as for the fic...our lord min is being evil all on his own too huh???

thank you for reading and commenting!!