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28 January 2011 @ 09:57 am
[FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 10)  

Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love
Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

Summary: One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!


Walking past the uprising popular restaurant, a sign hung at the front entrance informing its customers of their services hours this week. Since Junsu took Yoochun to Hawaii for the whole week, Jaejoong and Yunho had also decided to close the restaurant for the week, taking the break themselves. Changmin sighed he would have to settle for a cozy little Japanese restaurant down the street.


Entering the medium size restaurant, Changmin chose one of the empty seats near the back of the restaurant away from the rest of the crowds. It had been a long day for him and tonight he just wanted to relax and enjoy his dinner in peace and quiet. Placing order to the waiter, Changmin relaxed further into his seat, his eyes scanning the almost full restaurant. His eyes almost popped out of its socket when he spotted a familiar outline of Taemin, Junsu’s uncle.


Taemin always lived his life in styles. Never would he choose to have dinner in a small restaurant like this. Changmin eyed the man suspiciously. He had never trusted the man. Since he was Junsu’s uncle, Changmin had never mentioned his suspicious of the man to his best friend. It seem like Taemin was waiting for someone, and Changmin silently thank the lord above for choosing to sit at the back. From his position he could easily spied on Taemin without risking the chance for the older man to see him.


Twenty minutes later a middle aged man walked into the restaurant. He scanned the restaurant left and right as if searching for someone. There was something oddly familiar about that man as Changmin continued to stare at him. A sudden realization hit him when the middle aged man joined Taemin at his table. He had seen that man before, more specifically he had talked to him before too.




“Dr. Han” Yunho shakily spoke up in placed. “Is…is he OK?”

Dr. Han gave out a tired sigh, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but the piece of the glass was pretty large and it had managed to lodge itself deep in Yoochun’s throat. The glass has damaged his vocal cord beyond repair.”

Dr. Han watched the two young men before him in sympathy, as Yunho broke down unable to hold in his tears any longer. Jaejoong comforted his boyfriend, but he too was speechless after hearing what Dr. Had had to say about Yoochun’s condition.

“So..” Jaejoong began, his voice cracked slightly. He took a moment to collect himself before asking Dr. Han the question he dreaded. The question he, himself knew the answer too already. But he needed it. He needed to hear from the doctor himself to confirm. “Will he be able to talk again? To sing?”

“I’m sorry, Jaejoong-shii” Dr. Han said. “His vocal cord had been damaged beyond repair. He wouldn’t be able to talk or sing anymore.”

“But…but singing is his life” Yunho spoke through his sobs. Music was everything to Yoochun. It was his life.

“Again, I’m terribly sorry to have to tell you this terrible news” Dr. Han stood up bowing at the two men and left.


No one noticed a tall figured standing close by listening to everything that had been said. He smirked softly to himself satisfied with the news he had just heard.


--End Flashback--


Changmin was positive that the man was Dr. Han, the doctor who had treated Yoochun when he was brought in from the accidents a year ago. But he wondered how did Dr. Han knew Taemin and from the look of the conversation they were engaging in, Changmin doubted that they were old friends, let alone colleagues. He had a gnawing suspicious that how Dr. Han and Taemin knew each other wasn’t a good thing. Deciding to investigate the matter further, Changmin hoped that it wouldn’t turn out to be bad news because he hated to be the one that break it to Junsu.




By the time they arrived in Hawaii, it was almost late in the afternoon. Worried that his boyfriend might be hungry since Yoochun practically slept the whole way here, Junsu hurriedly check in to their hotel. Thanking the bell boy, Junsu gave him a generous tip before closing the door to his suite shut. He searched the spacious room for Yoochun, having found him minutes later standing on the balcony lost in the view of the Pacific Ocean.


The sun had already disappear half way down the never ending ocean creating a stunning shades of red, pink, orange and purple across the sky, which magnified itself on the ever calming ocean. Junsu stood leaning against the balcony door, silently observing Yoochun, who was leaning forward on his arms against the railing, the soft glow of the sunset caressed Yoochun’s milky white skin emitting a soft aura around the younger man.


Yoochun watched the breathtaking scenery in awed. He had never seen such an amazing view of a sunset like this one before. He was so lost in the view that he missed the sound of Junsu’s footstep joining him on the balcony. Yoochun jumped when he felt a pair of arms enclosed around his slim waist, he soon relaxed once he recognized the familiar touch and warmth of Junsu.


“Sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Junsu said, resting his chin on Yoochun’s shoulder. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Yoochun nodded his head in agreement, leaning back further into Junsu’s chest.

“Are you hungry?” Junsu asked, nuzzling Yoochun’s neck inhaling his sweet vanilla scent. “You slept through the whole flight. I’m sure you’re starving.” Yoochun nodded.

“Want to eat out or room service?”

‘Can we eat here?  I’m tire and I don’t feeling like going out.’

“Sure, baby. Why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll order us some food?”


Stepping out of the shower fully dressed in pair of soft cotton drawn string pajama pant and a pale baby blue Smurf t-shirt, Yoochun could smell the delicious aroma of the dinner Junsu had ordered. He could see the different kind of food Junsu had ordered arrange on the table in the living room area in their five stars hotel suite. Junsu was too busy fussing over the variety of food that he failed to notice that Yoochun had finished with his shower.


Taping Junsu lightly on his shoulder to get the older man’s attention, Junsu turned taking in the adorable sight of Yoochun in his sleepwear. Yoochun blushed under Junsu’s intense gazed. Junsu tugged Yoochun into his embrace, placing soft kiss on the younger man’s lips. The kiss started soft and gentle, but it gradually grew more intense and passionate as Junsu slipped his wandering tongue into Yoochun’s warm cavern, tasting the sweet taste that Yoochun had to offer.


“You smell good.” Junsu mumbled, inhaling Yoochun’s sweet scent and gently sucking the one special spot behind his ear, knowing it drove Yoochun crazy. “I think I want you more than the food.”

Yoochun shoved Junsu away playfully, smacking his arm also for good measure. ‘Yah! What are you doing?’

“Why?” Junsu smiled, pulling the struggling Yoochun into his arms once again. “Don’t you like it, Baby” Junsu whispered seductively into his ear, causing Yoochun to shiver uncontrollably.


Sensing Yoochun discomfort, Junsu kissed his cheek as an apology. “I’m only teasing, babe. I wouldn’t do anything to you unless you’re ready. All right? So don’t be scare.”

Yoochun ducked his head, afraid that Junsu might be angry at him for not wanting to further their relationship. ‘I’m sorry’

Surprised at the sudden apology Junsu tilted his head up, hand palming one of his cheeks. “What are you apologizing for baby?”

‘I….For not…’ One of Junsu’s free hand came up to stop Yoochun, mid signing, cupping his hand into his own.

“Stop” Junsu whispered. “You did nothing wrong and I’m not mad. I’m glad you told me that you were uncomfortable. As long as you’re not ready I wouldn’t do anything to make you uncomfortable, OK?”

Yoochun cracked a small smile, kissed Junsu tenderly. ‘Thank you, Su’

“Su?” Junsu raised an eyebrow at question at the sudden affectionate nick name.

Yoochun blushed as his nick name for the older man slipped. ‘Sorry’

“I like it” Junsu admitted, a small smile glazed his lips. “Are you going to call me that from now on?”

‘Do you want me to?’

“As long as I still you call my baby.”


Junsu leaned in and kissed him hard and fast. Breaking apart Junsu was met with a confused yet satisfied look from Yoochun, he explained “For a deal to complete, it must be seal with a kiss.”

‘So a kiss it is’ Their lips met again sealing the silent promised to call each other by the affectionate nick name they gave one another. Junsu let his emotion ran through his kisses, hoping, wishing that Yoochun would somehow understand what he was about to do to him in the not so distant future.




A bunch of fogs drifted out from the heated bathroom as Junsu finished with his shower. Fully dressed in a simple sweats and tank, Junsu walked out a small towel in his hands, toweling his still dripping wet hair, throwing the towel aside when deemed his hair was dried enough. He saw Yoochun lying comfortable on the king size bed, with a familiar hoodie in his arms, Jaejoong’s hoodie.


Junsu smirked, climbing in next to his boyfriend. “Jaejoong’s hoodie?”

Yoochun blushed, knowing he wouldn’t get away from this topic like he previously had. ‘Yeah’

Laying on his side facing his flushed boyfriend, “Are you going to tell me your weird habit now?” Junsu asked, pulling the younger man closed to him. Yoochun relaxed and snuggled himself deeper into Junsu’s embrace. “Why are you always sleeping with Jaejoong’s hoodie? Should I be jealous of it?”

‘Promise not to laugh, if I told you.’

‘Promise’ Junsu signed back.

‘I can only fall asleep if I’m holding on to something.’

“That’s it?” Junsu asked, not believing that was the only reason. “I don’t believe it.”

Yoochun pouted. ‘Fine, hyung said I refused to fall asleep when I was younger if I wasn’t clutching on to something. There happy?’

Junsu chuckled, placing a gentle kissed on top of Yoochun’s head, which was tucking nicely under Junsu’s chin. “Yes, now was that so hard. Is it always have to be Jaejoong’s hoodie?”


“Then” Junsu yanked the hoodie away from Yoochun’s tight grasped and tossed it on to one of the armchairs. “You don’t need it tonight.”

Yoochun protested, scrambling out of Junsu’s hold to go and retrieved the hoodie back, but Junsu refused to let him go. ‘I want it back.’

“Nope.” Junsu said determinedly. “Why do you want it?”

‘I can’t fall asleep without it.’

“Didn’t you say that it doesn’t have to be Jaejoong’s hoodie? So you can hug me and clutch me all you want.”


“Try it, baby. If you can’t fall asleep, I’ll go get it back for you. But for tonight, just hold me.” Junsu said, kissing the corner of his lips.


Yoochun gave out a sigh, nodding. He settled into a more comfortable position in Junsu’s arms. Junsu waited patiently for Yoochun to settle down. Eventually Yoochun scooted himself closer to Junsu, tucking his head into the crook of Junsu’s neck, the smell of citrus calming him. His legs entwining themselves with the older man, hands clutching tightly around Junsu’s tank top, feeling comfortable Yoochun relaxed and allowed himself to drift off to sleep. Junsu had lied still allowing Yoochun to do whatever he wanted, watching the younger man in amusement. Seeing Yoochun relaxed, his breathing even out, Junsu knew the younger man had fallen asleep. He brought one of his hand and lovingly rubbed Yoochun’s back, soothing him until he, himself, fallen asleep soon after, but not before reminding himself that his heart would love Yoochun only for week.




Glancing at the pitch black sky, the moon laid hidden in the ever moving clouds causing the night to be completely dark except the few street lamps of the parking lot. The almost empty parking lot gave chills down the middle age doctor’s back. It was usual for him to be working so late into the night, but there was just something about tonight that made him uneasy.


Dr. Han switched his brief case over to his left hand, while the other searched for his car keys. He cursed himself silently for parking so far away from the hospital building today. His car was now park alone all the way at the end of the empty parking lot. Halfway through his car, Dr. Han halted mid-step, eyes glancing nervously around the empty spaces.


“That’s odd.” Dr. Han wondered.


He quickened his steps to his parked car. Keys jiggling in his right hand, Dr. Han unlocked his car door. He opened the door to the back seat of his car, tossing his briefcase inside. Just as he was closing the door shut, someone grabbed him from behind, slamming and pinning him against the side of his cars. Dr. Han stared at his intruder with terrified eyes. It soon turned in to angry once he realized who the culprit was.


“It’s you!” Dr. Han shouted, getting angry by the seconds.


The attacker smirked at him, arms stretch out, gun in his hand pointing straight at Dr. Han. Dr. Han watched with horrified eyes as he understand what the attacker intended to do.


“Please…” Dr. Han begged. “Don’t kill me..I…I was just…”


A shot rang out, echoing throughout the empty parking lot. A bullet landed itself in the middle of Dr. Han’s forehead, killing him immediately. His body slumped against the side of his car, blood splattered against the squeaky clean window. The attacker wiped his gun clean and tucked in back in the safety of his pants.


He gave Dr. Han’s dead body one last glances. “Shut your mouth.”

[Chapter 11]

A/N: OK...I know it's been a long time since I post this....I'm not even gonna apologized because I know most of you who follow me on Twitter knew how busy I have become these past few weeks.....I had plan to post a very long and tiring oneshot that I had been working on before this chapter, but apparently it was still unfinish, so I have decided to post this instead....I hope it's all to your liking...Please do comment......Thank You....

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