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22 February 2011 @ 09:23 pm
[FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 11)  

Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love
Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

Summary: One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!


Ever since he saw Taemin and Dr. Han together, the thought refused to leave his mind. Changmin knew there must be something going on with the two older men, and he was willing to bet his entire saving on it that it involved Junsu and Yoochun. He had intended to investigate the matter a little more while the front page of the newspaper caught his attention. Changmin had nearly dropped his briefcase, he snatched the newspaper from his secretary ignoring her cried of surprised. He hurriedly rushed into his office, reading the news. 


“Doctor killed in the parking lot of Seoul Hospital.”  The headline read in big black bold letter, the face of Dr. Han starring back at him.


Changmin flipped through the newspaper reading on what had happened. He couldn’t believe it. He had just seen the man with his own two eyes two nights ago and now he was dead, killed. The murder was enough proof for Changmin, he contacted his men immediately to further investigate on what had exactly happened with Dr. Han, as well as his connection with Taemin.


He could feel the migraine coming, knowing that the news would set Junsu off. They were already suspicious enough of Taemin, plus now with his new discovery of Taemin and Dr. Han, who happened to be Yoochun’s doctor during the accidents. To make matter worse, Dr Han is now dead, if Changmin didn’t know any better, he would have to say Dr. Han was murder to keep his mouth shut, but for what? This he would have to figure it out.


He wanted to call and informed the moment he saw Taemin and Dr. Han together in the Japanese restaurant, but Junsu had specifically told everyone not to bother him on this trip. Everything would have to wait until he came back.




Yunho stared blankly at the television. He couldn’t believe it, Dr. Han was killed. The man had been nothing, but kind and nice toward Yoochun and them. He was so engrossed in the news that he hadn’t heard Jaejoong coming to take a seat next to him.


“Yunnie?” Jaejoong called his boyfriend softly, hand resting on the younger man’s cheek. Yunho turned, fresh tears rolling down his cheek. He threw himself into the arms of his lover, sobbing quietly, scaring Jaejoong. “You’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

Yunho hiccupped. “Dr…Dr. Han is dead.”

“What? I just saw him a couple of days ago.”

“He is Joongie. It was all over the news.” Yunho wiped his tears away. “He’s so good to us. I just can’t believe he’s dead.”

Jaejoong kissed Yunho’s nose. “It’s ok. It was shocking. I just talked to him about Chunnie.”

Yunho straighten up, facing his boyfriend. “Really? What about?”

“I saw him at the coffee shop while I went to get us some breakfast.” Jaejoong started. “He asked me how Chunnie was doing and stuff. Then he said the weirdest thing. He told me we should get Yoochun to go for a check up on his vocal cord.”

“What? Why?”

“I have no clue either. I was about to ask him why would he suggested something like that, but I didn’t get a chance to because all of a sudden he just ran out of the shop.”

Yunho leaned himself back against the couch armrest, pondering over the possibility why Dr. Had suggested that. “That’s odd.”

“I know” Jaejoong agreed, leaning himself into Yunho, trapping the taller male under him, burying his face into the crook of Yunho’s neck.

Yunho ran his hand lovingly up and down Jaejoong’s back. “Comfortable?”

“Very” Jaejoong answered, voice muffling. “Let me sleep for a while. I’m tired.”

Yunho shifted his body down further to get more comfortable. “OK, love you Joongie.”





It was early in the morning, the sun was just about to rise. Junsu had woken up nearly two hours ago, watching Yoochun asleep. Today was their last day together in Hawaii. Once the plan landed in Korea, everything would go back to the way it was. Yoochun would mean nothing to him than that of revenge. This past week had been what he had needed. Even though they didn’t go as far as to have sex, Junsu was gladded for the closure.


He had purposely woke up early just to watch Yoochun sleeping face. He needed this. He needed to see Yoochun’s happy, calm, and relax face before he brought the younger man pain. He had untangled himself from Yoochun and had watched the younger man slept amusingly. Yoochun wasn’t lying when he said he couldn’t sleep if weren’t clutching something in his grip. The moment Junsu slipped away from his grasp, Yoochun’s hand had search frantically for something to hold on to. He finally stopped when his hand grabbed onto Junsu’s pillow, the younger man wasted no time pulling the pillow close to himself and snuggling himself deeper into the warmth.


Junsu smiled, mind made up. He called the front desk and told them what he wanted. Taking a quick shower and started to pack some of their belonging, Junsu climbed back into bed just as the clock strike eight. Placing light feather kisses along the younger man faces, rousing him from his sleep. Yoochun stirred and smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, returning the kiss.


“Morning, baby” Junsu kissed his eyes and nose. “Sleep well?”


Yoochun stretched, his shirt riding up revealing a patch of white creamy skin of his tummy, his pajama pants riding low on his hip. Couldn’t resisted, Junsu bended down and teasingly lick along Yoochun’s hip bone, biting and sucking the patch of skin until it turn pinkish red. Yoochun silently moaned, mouth opened, back arching into Junsu’s touched.


Trailing his kiss up Yoochun’s flawless skin, Junsu pushed his t-shirt up revealing the smooth skin as he placed kisses after kissed. Annoyed with the t-shirt, Junsu pulled it off Yoochun, lips never once broke free from Yoochun’s skin. Yoochun lay writhing under his boyfriend, eyes shut tight as pleasure raked through his body.  Junsu’s hands roamed freely along Yoochun’s body, caressing his side. It finally rested on Yoochun’s chest, fingers teasing Yoochun’s hardening nub.


“Baby?” Junsu called out softly. His mouth hovering over Yoochun’s parted lips. Their hardening length pressing against one another, as Junsu teasingly rolled his hip against Yoochun. “Open your eyes.”


Panting from the pleasure caused by Junsu, Yoochun complied his face flushed with needed. He stared at Junsu with nothing, but pure love in his brown eyes. Kissing him softly, tongue tangled with Yoochun’s, “Baby, May I?”


Yoochun shyly nodded, wrapping his arms around Junsu, pulling the older man into another heated kiss. Breaking apart for a much needed air, Yoochun shyly avoided Junsu heated gaze. ‘Su…’

“What’s wrong, baby?” Junsu nibbled his neck lightly, leaving love bites along his neck and collar bone.

‘I..I..never done this before.’

Junsu stopped midway, shocked. That was one thing that he missed. He had never known that Yoochun was a virgin. “You’ve never done this with anyone? Not even your ex-boyfriend?”

Yoochun shook his head, arms slowly slipping down onto the soft bed. ‘No’

Junsu caressed his cheeks affectionately, getting Yoochun to look at him. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Yoochun leaned into Junsu’s warm hand and smiled. ‘I want you to be my first.’

The words struck a chord in Junsu’s heart. His breath hitched at the meaning behind Yoochun’s word. “You sure?”

‘Make me yours.’


Junsu need not any other confirmation, he attacked Yoochun’s lips kissing the man passionately. He pulled back to rid himself out of his clothes, and grab the lube he had prepared just in case in his bags. Yoochun blushed, but couldn’t take his eyes off Junsu’s firm body as he climbed back to his half-dressed lover Junsu placing small kisses along the waistband of Yoochun’s pajama pant. He could feel Yoochun’s throbbing member pressed hardly against the confined of his pajama. Inch by inch, Junsu lowered the pant lower, as the new patch of skin revealed Junsu would lovingly sucked and kissed the skin, marking him as his own.


The pant was lower until it rested just above the tip of Yoochun’s weeping member. Grinning at his boyfriend, Junsu closed his mouth over the cloth tip of Yoochun’s erection. Yoochun arched his back, hip thrusting up, wanting to bury himself deep down Junsu’s throat. Junsu placed firm hands on Yoochun’s hip, stilling the younger man. He continued to lick and kissed Yoochun as he slowly lowered his pant further down.


Yoochun sighed in pleasure as his pant has finally been pulled off, his erection standing proudly, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Purposely avoiding Yoochun’s throbbing cock, Junsu headed lower taking Yoochun’s firm sac into his mouth, sucking on it. His hand fumbled with the bottle of lube as he struggled to get the cap open. He drizzle the lube over his fingers, rubbing it before tracing his slicked fingers up and down the crack of Yoochun’s round globe. Junsu continued to kiss and tease Yoochun’s cock and balls as his finger rubbing circled over Yoochun’s pucker entrance.


“Bend your knees, baby and spread your legs open for me”


Yoochun shakily complied. His body was trembling with pleasure and anticipation. Slipping a pillow under Yoochun’s butt lifting his hip up, Junsu could see the pink entrance, quivering and clenching waiting for him. Junsu brought his finger up, caressing the pucker, watching it clenched. He leaned his face in and kissed it, tongue lapping at the opening coaxing Yoochun’s body to open itself up for him. Junsu slipped his lube finger in, groaning at the tightness that surrounded it. He gently worked Yoochun’s hole as he thrust in and out, a second finger joined in seconds later. Yoochun tensed his body unconsciously at the sharp pain he felt in his buttock.


“Relax, baby.” Junsu comforted. He moved his lips over Yoochun’s softening erection, sucking it.


He inserted the third fingers in, all three twisting, stretching, loosen Yoochun up for what was about to come. Junsu nibbled along Yoochun’s now hardening cock, sucking on the tip gently. Yoochun practically threw his hip off the bed when Junsu struck something deep inside him, his vision blurred with pleasure.


Junsu grinned. “I found it.” He continued to caress him there, allowing Yoochun to bask in the indescribable pleasure. “Are you ready for me, babe?”


Yoochun nodded, hand reaching out blindly for Junsu. Catching the younger man hand into his free one, Junsu slowly pulled his fingers out of Yoochun earning a silent whimpered from the younger man. He interweave their hand together, his own throbbing cock teasingly rubbed along Yoochun’s clef.


He kissed Yoochun briefly on his lips, mumbling. “Ready?” His cock now dripping with pre-cum rested against Yoochun’s opening, pushing in slightly, but not enough to actually enter Yoochun.


Yoochun nodded.


Junsu kissed him again as he pushed himself in, buried himself completely inside Yoochun in one thrust. Yoochun broke the kiss, head thrown back, mouth crying out in silent as pain ripped through him. He shut his eyes tight as tears slipped from his closed eyes.


Junsu stilled his hip, kissing the falling tears away. He whispered, “It’ll get better I promise.”


Pulling out slowly, Junsu thrust back in Yoochun. His thrust was slow and steady as he didn’t want to hurt Yoochun. Soon Yoochun lifted his hip up meeting Junsu thrust after thrust. Deeming that Yoochun was now all right, Junsu sped up his thrust, pulling almost all the way out before slamming into him again. Yoochun wrapped his arms tightly around Junsu’s back, his nail digging into the older man’s back, leaving half-moon marked over his boyfriend’s back.


Feeling the heated spread across his lower stomach, Yoochun tighten his hold on Junsu as he released his seed over their stomach. Yoochun’s body clenched around him almost painfully as his orgasms ripped through him, Junsu thrust in a few more times before he, himself spilled his cum deep inside his lover.


Junsu collapsed down on top of Yoochun, both panting heavily from the intensity of their orgasms. He kissed him tenderly. “How was that?”

Yoochun buried his head in the crook of Junsu’s neck, signing. ‘That was…wow…’

Junsu laughed, kissing him. “We still have time before our plane leave.”

‘What are you saying?’ Yoochun grinned at him bashfully.

“How about another round, baby?”


Not waiting for Yoochun to answer, he quickly pulled out and flipped Yoochun over on his hands and knees. Parting his legs apart, Junsu kneeled behind Yoochun watching his cum seeping out of his slightly reddish opening. The images, itself, had made Junsu hard in an instance. Junsu dived forward licking and sucking his cum out of his lover stretched entrance, causing Yoochun to writhe in pleasure.  


Giving Yoochun one last lick, Junsu leaned forward, his hand stoking Yoochun’s cock slowly. “This time I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.” Junsu whispered, making Yoochun moaned and shivered.


Without any further warning, Junsu firmly grabbed Yoochun’s hip with his hands trusting his red angry cock in Yoochun in one swift thrust. This time he didn’t wait for Yoochun to get used to his size as he pounded into his boyfriend hard and fast, his balls slapping against Yoochun’s ass.


“Shit! Baby, you are so tight.”


Yoochun silently screamed, back arching as Junsu angled his hip and struck his bundle of nerve causing him to see stars. Junsu reached his hand down to stroke Yoochun in time with his trusting, while his other hand wounded itself across Yoochun’s chest. Keeping himself inside the younger man, he leaned back on to his knee, bringing Yoochun with him, making Yoochun sitting on his lap. He slammed into Yoochun deeper and harder, his hand on Yoochun’s cock matching the speed of his hip.


Junsu kissed his neck and shoulder. “Come, baby”

Yoochun threw his head back onto Junsu’s shoulder, as he came violently on Junsu’s hand.

“Baby, I’m coming.” Junsu thrust in two more times before he release his cum directly on Yoochun’s prostate, and continue to thrust in a few more times riding out both of their orgasms.


Exhausted the both of them collapsed on the bed sideway, Junsu with his cock still buried deep inside Yoochun, and arms wrapped tightly around Yoochun’s chest. Junsu placed tender kisses along Yoochun’s shoulder as the both of them came down from their high.


“Are you OK?”

Yoochun made to move, so he could turn around and faced Junsu. But Junsu refused to let him free, keeping him intact. “Just lifted your hands and sign, baby. I want us to stay like this.”

His free hand searched for the sheet throwing it over their naked bodies. “I loved the feeling of being inside you. You’re so tight and warm.” Junsu moved his hip slightly, thrusting in a few times emphasizing his point. “Let me stay bury inside you OK? I want to keep my cum inside you for as long as possible. Is that OK?”

Nodding his head, Yoochun signed. ‘I love you’

Junsu stiffened slightly, but reminded his own body to relax. He knew Yoochun was falling deeply in love with him, but he hadn’t prepared himself to hear the three words from the younger man. He closed his eyes and forced the word out. “Love you too.”

Yoochun smiled and nestled himself deeper into Junsu’s warmth.




‘Su, put me down!’ Yoochun signed as he struggled out of Junsu’s grasped. The older man was carrying him bridal style while walking through the airport.

“If you don’t stop struggling, I’m going to throw you over my shoulder and spank your ass.” Junsu threaten playfully. Since their love making, Yoochun woke up unable to walk without either limping terribly or wincing. Taking pity for his lover, Junsu had decided to carry the younger man the moment they stepped out from the car. His tones soften, “Baby, you’re hurt. Let me carry you all right?”

‘But, it’s embarrassing’ Yoochun whined, buried his face into Junsu’s strong chest.

Junsu glanced around the people they walked past by, some were giving him weird looks while others were cooing at how cute and loving he was for taking care of his boyfriend. “I don’t care. You’re my baby and I want to carry you.”

Yoochun sighed, knowing it was pointless if he argued Junsu on the topic any further. ‘Fine, then carry me away my prince.’

“I intend to, baby.”

[Chapter 12]

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