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27 September 2011 @ 10:26 am
Payment & Collection  
For Thai Order: (If you are Singoporeans or Malasians, plese go here)
1. Bank Transfer: Highly Prefered. I have two bank accounts from TWO different banks. You could take your pick.
Kasikorn Bank Saving Account: 732-2-08989-5 (Pajaree Booncharoen)
Siam Commercial Bank Savign Account: 281-2-14898-1 (Pajaree Booncharoen)

2. Meetups: To be confirm trhough e-mail and status. Please check back often.

1. Meetups: At my convenience. Mostly either Saturday or Sunday. Location to be announced again via e-mail. Most like ly it will be at Siam or Siam Paragon.

2. Normal Postage: I will not be responsible nor held liable for any loss or damage of normal mail. Please refer to postage fees.

3. Registered Postage (EMS Postage): I will provide the EMS No. once the items have been shipped.