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15 November 2011 @ 01:38 pm
[FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 17)  
Title: Revenge, A Bittersweet Love
Author: Zoey
Paring: JunChun, JaeHo
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Length: Chapter - Ongoing

One accidents, Two victims. One revenge, Two broken hearts. They both
each lost a piece of themselves. One lost the only comfort and love he
ever known and had while the other lost the one thing he needed to
complete him. What happened when their path crossed and revenged was
set? Would love be enough to bring them out of their pain and suffering?

A/N: I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to [info]dexterka92 for the making such a wonderful poster!!!!!!!!!!

“So how does it feel to finally live here instead of just staying the night?” Junsu asked, coming up behind Yoochun and wrapping his arms around the younger man. Placing his chin on Yoochun’s shoulder, Junsu turned his head slightly, to lightly nip at his lover’s sensitive neck.
Yoochun relaxed against Junsu’s strong chest his lips parted letting out a silent moan at the toe curling sensation. Junsu continued to nip and placed small kisses along Yoochun’s neck and shoulder. He swiftly turned Yoochun around in his arms, making the younger man faced him. Yoochun tilted his head in curiosity at Junsu’s action.
Seeing his lover being so cute and innocent, giving out a low growl Junsu couldn’t resist kissing his over furiously, making the younger man silently gasped at the sudden action. Breaking the kiss breathlessly, Junsu began to placed light teasing kiss along Yoochun’s lips and jaw line down to his neck.
 “Do you know how much I want you right now?” Junsu whispered through his kissing. His hands traveled down to gripped Yoochun’s bottom, pulling the younger man closer to him, letting him feel his hardness.
Yoochun’s eyes blurred as pleasure cursed over his slender body. His hand gripped Junsu’s shoulder and hair tightly as Junsu continued his assault on the younger man’s neck. Lost in the mind blowing kiss, Yoochun felt the back of his knee hit the soft mattress of their now shared bed. Junsu gently pushed Yoochun down to sit on the bed, staring at Yoochun’s now swollen moist red lips.
During their kiss Junsu had somehow stripped themselves of their clothing without Yoochun realizing it. Yoochun stared at Junsu’s naked chest in confusion and embarrassment when he figured out what had happened.
Junsu chuckled at the pink tinted that paint his boyfriend’s ample cheeks. “What?”
Advance closer to his lover, Yoochun bit his lips trying to hid the smile that was threatening to split across his face. Wanting to tease the older man, the closer Junsu moved toward him, the farther Yoochun would scooted back on to their king size bed. They kept this played until eventually Yoochun’s back came in contact with the headboard signalizing the end to his advance. Junsu smirked and before Yoochun could voiced out any curiosity, Junsu firmly grabbed his ankle and pulled yanking him to lay flat on the soft mattress, trapping Yoochun’s body with his own in the process.
Yoochun gave out a silent squealed as Junsu began to nuzzled and kissed along Yoochun’s sensitive neck and collar bone. His hands roamed freely along Yoochun’s slim body coming to rest on Yoochun’s buttock, squeezing them, thrusting his now hardening cock against his lover’s own hardening one. Feeling the sweet friction of his own cock against Junsu’s made him arched his back wanting to feel more. Junsu gave out a loud moaned, his lips ghost over Yoochun’s left ear, his hands still had a firm gripped on Yoochun’s behind, kneading and squeezing.
“GOD! Baby, I love your ass. I love your pinkish hole even more.” Junsu rasped out, while one of his hands wandered along the crack of Yoochun’s ass. His finger teasing ran up and down along the crack, occasionally rubbing and teasing the tight pink hole. “I love how it wrapped around my hard cock, so tight and wet.”
Yoochun moaned, wrapping his legs around Junsu’s waist and thrusting his now angry red cock against Junsu’s taunt abs. His hands clawed at Junsu’s back and shoulder. ‘Su…Please…Please…I..I can’t…’
Placing two of his fingers in front of Yoochun’s red lips, in which Yoochun eagerly accepted and began to suck on them, coating them with his saliva and twirling them with his tongue. Junsu gave out a loud groaned. “You teased. I’m going to cum if you keep doing that thing with your tongue.”
Yoochun’s eyes sparkled as he gave one last teasing flick on Junsu’s finger with his tongue. Junsu’s withdrew the now wet fingers out of Yoochun’s sinful mouth. “Enough, baby. It’s wet.”
Slipping his now slick fingers along Yoochun’s crack teasing him further, his finger grazed over the tight opening, rubbing and pushing it lightly, but not enough to actually breached it through. Yoochun groaned, his hip arching upward meeting Junsu’s aching cock, the tip was now glistening with its precum. ‘Suu…Junsu…I..ca can’t…..please.’
“What do you want, Baby?” Junsu whispered huskily. “Do you want my fingers inside you?” To emphasize his point, Junsu slipped his finger into the tight heat, twisting and spreading. “Or do you want my cock inside your tight self?” Junsu swiftly removed his finger and repositioned his hip, so the wet tip of his cock was resting at Yoochun’s quivering opening.  Pushing in slightly and removing it quickly as soon as Yoochun’s tight heat had began to drawn him in, further teasing the younger man.
A quivering mess, Yoochun laid trapped under Junsu’s glistening body, face flushed, breaths coming out harshly as he was teased over and over again. ‘I want….I wan I want you…’
“Do you want my cock or my fingers?” Junsu asked, as he slipped both his fingers and cocks in the warm heat at the same time, causing Yoochun to arch his back, desperate for more. More than just Junsu’s fingers or cock that was just resting against his throbbing entrance.
‘Mo mo move please.’ Yoochun begged, hip struggling to meet with Junsu’s own still hip. Using his free hand, Junsu firmly gripped Yoochun’s hip and held him still, unable him to move any further.
“Not until you tell me what you want, Baby.”
‘I wa I want…..your cock in me. Please!’
Without answering his lover, Junsu pull his hip back before forcefully thrust his cock back into Yoochun’s quivering opening, sheathing himself completely in the tight heat. Junsu began to thrust into his fervently pulling almost all the way, leaving just only the crown of his cock in before pushing back into the tight opening, buried himself deeper and deeper. 
Yoochun groaned at the feeling of Junsu’s throbbing cock filled him, his arms around Junsu’s neck and shoulder, holding his lover closed to his own sweaty body, his nails digging into Junsu’s white skin at the pleasurable sensation. Junsu gave out a loud moaned as Yoochun’s inside squeezed his cock even tighter than before, a sign that told him that Yoochun was closed. Wanting his boyfriend to cum before him, Junsu hoisted Yoochun’s left leg over his shoulder and began to thrust in a more frenzied pace. Yoochun unconsciously yelped at the new feeling as Junsu was able to thrust in at a different angle and deeper.
“Baby” Junsu panted. “I’m close. Are you?”
Too overwhelmed with all the stimulation his body was feeling, Yoochun didn’t have the strength to release his arm from Junsu’s neck to sign, so he could only nodded his answer.
“Good, I want you to cum before I do.” Junsu spoke between kisses as he nibbled along Yoochun’s jaw line.
Shifting his hip for his next trust, Yoochun’s back curved off the mattress as Junsu’s throbbing cock struck against his bundle nerve. Junsu smirked as he realized his had hit Yoochun’s prostate, continued at the same angle Junsu watched Yoochun’s eyes roll back into the back of his head as Yoochun’s gripped on his cock became tighter and within a couple more thrust, Yoochun’s body began to shake as he released thick spurt of white cum all over their stomach. Satisfied that his lover had cum, Junsu began to drive into Yoochun’s tight heat as he himself experience his own orgasm, releasing string of cum deep inside Yoochun’s body.
Unable to hold his own body up any further, Junsu collapsed on top of his equally if not more exhausted lover. Yoochun fluttered his eyes open to only be met with Junsu’s own brown orbs staring at him, he gave out a small smile. Junsu leaned in and gave him a small yet passionate kiss, before shifting his body to lay down beside Yoochun causing his now softening member to slip free from the tight heat. Both moaning at the lost.
Finding a comfortable position, Junsu pulled Yoochun closer to him resulting for the younger man to practically lied on top of him, heads directly over his beating hearts. Junsu kept his arm loose around Yoochun’s slim waist while his other arm trailed down over Yoochun’s rear, finger swirling around the now slick opening. Yoochun silently gasped as he could feel Junsu’s cum seeping out from his slightly swollen and red opening, trailing down his thigh. Dipping his finger in the loosen hold, Junsu withdrew the cum coating finger, tongue peaking out to lick at his own releases mixed with Yoochun’s sweet taste.
Junsu smirked as he saw Yoochun blushing face staring at him. “Tasted good, Baby.” Yoochun hide his  blushing face in between the crook of Junsu’s neck. Junsu gave out a loud chuckled before he whispered in a low husky voiced. “I want to taste more. Can I taste more?”
Yoochun stared at him in confusion as to what Junsu was referring too. The moment it dawned onto him on what Junsu was talking about, it was already too late as Junsu had already flipped him over on his stomach, spreading his butt cheeks wide opened, tongue flicking against his sensitive hole. Yoochun’s hands gripped the white sheets tightly as he felt Junsu’s warm tongue clean him completely of any release.
Deeming that it was indeed clean, Junsu climbed back next to his panting lover, giving a rough kiss. His tongue slipped pass through Yoochun’s open mouth, making his lover taste their own essences. Pulling away breathlessly, Junsu pulled Yoochun over his body, resuming their earlier position.
Yoochun stared up at Junsu’s face with sleepy eyes. Kissing Yoochun’s sweaty forehead, Junsu mumbled. “Sleep, Baby.”
‘I love you.’ Yoochun signed tiredly.
Getting the information about Yoochun’s biological parents had not been as easy as it seem. The more Changmin dig through records after records, the more he discovered the secret between the Parks and Taemin. He gave out a frustrating sighed as he paced back and forth in Junsu’s empty office. He was so stressed out that he didn’t even hear Junsu entering.
The older man watched his best friend paced amusingly, “Are you going to wear a hole in my carpet, Changmin?”
Changmin jumped at the questioned. “GOD! You scared me! When did you get here? I didn’t even hear you come in.”
Junsu rolled his eyes at his best friend. “Apparently not. What’s wrong? Why are you stressing out?”
“I found something.” Changmin said taking a seat, pushing a stack of folder across Junsu’s desk.
“OK” Junsu raised an eyebrow. “Shoot.”
“You told me to find out about Yoochun’s biological father, right?”
“Yeah” Junsu nodded. “Go on.”
“Well I haven’t exactly found any solid evident that prove who Yoochun’s biological father is exactly, but…”
“But, what?”
“I found some medical records of Mrs. Park.” Changmin paused. “Right after she was kidnapped and was raped by Taemin.”
“What we had assumed earlier was true. If we calculated the time of when Yoochun was born to the time when he was conceived. It was during the exact same period when Mrs. Park was kidnapped and raped. But, the Parks truly believed that Yoochun was conceived by Mr. Park and not Taemin.”
“I’m sure Taemin argued about that.”
Changmin nodded. “Taemin fought. He believed that it was his child.”
“So, what next?”
“That’s not all, Junsu.”
“I’m not surprised.” Junsu calmly spoke.
“When Yoochun was one year old, the Parks ran a DNA test to truly determine who Yoochun’s father was.”
“Do you find out those results?”
“Not yet.” Changmin spoke dejectedly. “It seems that the doctor who ran those test had the only copy of the test result, and now she was nowhere to be found.”
“She disappear?” Junsu questioned. This whole situation was like some bad drama. The more they investigated about the Parks, the more secrets unfold. It made Junsu even more curious as to what Taemin was really up to, and he was determined to find out. “Since when?”
“You won’t believe me if I told you.” Changmin said. “I don’t even want to believe it myself.”
“Try me.”
Changmin shrugged. “No one had heard from her since the night Dr. Han was murdered.”
Junsu’s eyes widen in disbelief. “Are you shitting me? Seriously?”
“Yeah.” Changmin nodded. “And before you say anything further, I have already checked her out to see if there was a connection between her and Taemin or Dr. Han.” Changmin paused and whistled before he continued to replay the message he found out just hours ago. “The doctor that did the DNA testing on Yoochun years ago was Dr. Han’s lover.”
“What did you say? His lover?” Junsu slumped back into his chair, as the news slowly sunken into his brain. “I’m not so sure if I want to hear the answer to my next question.”
“If you were wondering if Taemin knew the DNA’s result, I’m guessing he doesn’t.” Changmin said, and then proceeded to voice out his own theory of what might have happened to Dr. Han. “What I think is that Taemin still believed that Yoochun is his son. The fact that this is true or not is still unknown, but I believe that he had somehow found out about the fact that Dr. Jeng  who is Dr. Han’s lover and she was the person who did the DNA’s test years ago.”
“Dr. Jeng probably told Dr. Han about who Yoochun’s biological father was.” Junsu added as the possibility of what happened became clear to him.
“Since Dr. Han was the person who treated Yoochun at the time of the accident.”
“Dr. Han knew what Taemin was up to, added with the news he found out from his lover, Dr. Han had the upper hand with Taemin.”
“He got greedy, flaunted Taemin with the information he found out. Use the information to blackmail Taemin.”
“Taemin wouldn’t have any of it, so he decided to solve the problem by getting rid of Dr. Han.” Junsu concluded. “Dr. Han was probably asking for money or more money and knowing Taemin, he rather found out about the information himself than to lose a single dime.”
“You’re right.” Changmin agreed.
“Now we both on the same page.” Junsu smirked. “It’s a matter of who is better.”
“What do you mean?” Changmin asked, confused.
“Taemin needed Dr. Jeng for the same thing we do.” Junsu explained. “She is the only one left who had the information that we both wanted. It’s just the matter of who find her first.”
“Ahhh….” Changmin smiled. “The person who found her first will have the advantage in this game.”
Junsu nodded, eyes narrow as he stared at Changmin. “I want that advantage Changmin. Get me that information.”
“You got it, Boss.”

[Chapter 18]

A/N: OK I know it has been a long time since I had updated this fic...I'm not giving it up, it just there is just too much going on...some of you might know...but my country is now having problems with water...that's right we hace FLOOD, so yeah.....just be patient with me....PLEASE PLEASE DO COMMENT!!! It would really mean a lot to me...Thank You...

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zoeybunnygalszoeybunnygals on November 21st, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
Su is battleing with his mind and heart on whether he could hurt Chun or not.....

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ps: the water is decreasing slowly, but still not sure if it's the last of it yet..thank you
Mrs. Ichigotabetaimissyoosu on November 15th, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
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YAY!! I did update....sorry for the delay....

Taemin, himself, didn't know whether Yoochun is his or not to....so we'll just have to wait and see...

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zoeybunnygalszoeybunnygals on November 21st, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
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